Loyalty and Engagement Scoring

Boost loyalty and prevent churn by targeting the right audience with Allyy.io’s advanced AI-powered platform. Achieve 85% precision in predictions.

Seamless Integration With your Existing Marketing Tools.


Churn Prevention with AI Insights

Allyy.io continuously updates loyalty and churn scores based on customer profiles and activity across channels. This allows you to proactively address churn, ensuring your best customers remain satisfied and engaged.


Gain Loyalty Insights from Day One

Gain insights into which data variables foster loyalty or trigger churn at both the base and individual levels. Understand which activities will enhance loyalty for each customer, helping you build stronger, long-lasting relationships from the very beginning.


Automated, Bias-Free Loyalty Programs

Seamlessly integrate AI and automated machine learning into your workflows to enhance retention rates. Allyy.io’s AI-powered solutions remove human bias, ensuring your loyalty programs are effective and efficient.


Effortless Data Integration and Automation

Our no-code plugins make data integration simple, enabling automated workflows that connect your processes with minimal IT involvement. Allyy.io streamlines your loyalty initiatives for optimal results.

Key features

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy with Advanced AI Capabilities and Seamless Integration

Automatic Data Connectors

Flexible Data Structures: Customize data to fit your business needs with AI precision.

AI-Powered Audience Selection

Automated Machine Learning: Identify the best audiences for loyalty programs with precision that surpasses human logic.

Seamless Data Integration

Easy Connectors: Link your data tools to our machine learning models effortlessly.

End-to-End Automation

Maintenance-Free Operations: Enjoy a fully automated process that runs smoothly every day with AI support.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Monitor Results: Gain clear insights into all processes and outcomes for optimal management.

Streamlined Workflows

Automated Integration: Connect and automate workflows easily for maximum efficiency using AI.

Kind words from online industry leaders

We use Allyy.io’s recommendations directly and fully automated in ActiveCampaign. It is easy and fast to individualize content in this way.
Nicolai Bille Harpsøe Frets
Marketing & Event Coordinator, Ringsted Kongrescenter
"I can't recommend Allyy highly enough! They have been an incredible help, and we wouldn't be where we are today without them. When we started this project, we had no idea it would lead us to such amazing results. The Allyy.io team is knowledgeable, dedicated, and truly great to work with."
Kirsten Wandall Ohlsen
Marketing Automation Manager at Aller Leisure

Transform your customer loyalty programs with AI-powered personalization.

Proactively prevent churn, build lasting loyalty from onboarding, and enjoy seamless, automated integration. Experience significant improvements in retention and customer satisfaction with our cutting-edge technology.