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Meet Marie-Eve Bugnet

She is the Executive Director of Humanity & Inclusion in France. Watch the video to see how Allyy.io’s AI solutions transformed their fundraising, boosting donor response, retention, and support for their global mission.


Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is a prominent NGO dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities and those living in poverty, conflict, and disaster-stricken areas worldwide. With operations spanning the globe, HI relies on fundraising efforts across eight countries in Europe and North America to fuel its mission. As a data-driven organization, HI employs internal data analysts and external consultants to optimize its fundraising campaigns.


Despite HI’s important mission, fundraising efforts faced significant challenges. The proliferation of causes and fundraising channels, along with changing donor behaviors and macroeconomic factors, posed difficulties. Traditional segmentation methods struggled to adapt to the evolving landscape, leading to donor fatigue and missed opportunities. Younger donors, who tend to prefer more spontaneous and versatile giving options, further complicated the effectiveness of conventional methods like direct mail and telemarketing. Additionally, the increased number of appeals risked overwhelming donors, while economic conditions such as high inflation and interest rates made securing funds more difficult. As a result, there was a critical need for more adaptive and strategic approaches to fundraising.


Humanity & Inclusion (HI) partnered with Allyy.io to leverage AI and machine learning, optimizing donor behavior predictions and campaign effectiveness. By prioritizing high-probability donors and identifying churn risks, HI enhanced campaign strategies. The partnership began with a successful Proof of Value, leading to broader implementation. AI also enabled personalized communication, boosting donor engagement and loyalty. This strategic approach improved fundraising efficiency, allowing HI to focus more on its core mission with confidence in its fundraising operations. As a result, HI ensured sustained support and adapted seamlessly to the changing donor landscape.


Allyy.io's predictive capabilities yielded impressive outcomes for Humanity & Inclusion (HI). Campaigns targeted at donors with the highest probability of donation saw significantly increased response rates, resulting in more impactful fundraising efforts. Moreover, Allyy.io accurately predicted donor churn, enabling proactive loyalty campaigns to retain valuable supporters. By leveraging AI insights, HI achieved greater efficiency and effectiveness in its fundraising endeavors, ultimately advancing its mission to support those in need.

Additionally, the ability to personalize communication with donors fostered stronger relationships and increased donor engagement. HI was able to tailor messages to individual preferences, making each interaction more meaningful and relevant. These improvements not only boosted immediate fundraising results but also contributed to long-term donor loyalty and support. With these enhanced strategies, HI could better navigate the challenges posed by a dynamic donor landscape and macroeconomic factors, ensuring a sustainable impact on its mission.


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