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Leveraging first-party transaction and tracking data, with AI we help you predicts customer behavior and assigns scores across various dimensions.


Meet Kirsten Wandall Ohlsen

Kirsten Wandall Ohlsen is the Marketing Automation Manager at Aller Leisure. Watch the video to see how Allyy.io’s solutions transformed Aller Leisure’s marketing strategy through predictive insights and automation.


Aller Leisure, a prominent player in the Scandinavian travel industry, orchestrates thousands of unforgettable travel experiences annually through its quality travel agencies. As a subsidiary of Aller Media, a leading media group, Aller Leisure engages with numerous leads and customers daily, aiming to inspire and facilitate travel bookings. Despite proficient data management and segmentation expertise within its central marketing team, Aller Leisure faces dual challenges in delivering personalized experiences to its customers and scaling its segmentation efforts efficiently.


Aller Leisure is confronted with two pressing challenges:

1.The need to tailor communication to individual customers, offering them the most relevant travel opportunities.

2.The limitations of existing segmentation rules, which are deemed imprecise and labor-intensive, resulting in missed opportunities and sometimes irrelevant communications.


To tackle these challenges head-on, Aller Leisure adopts our AI-powered platform, to enhance the relevance of its communication efforts at scale. Leveraging first-party transaction and tracking data, Allyy.io predicts customer behavior and assigns scores across various dimensions, including prioritized travel offers, immediate buying propensity, and optimal timing for communication. This predictive insight is seamlessly integrated into Aller Leisure's marketing automation tool, empowering the team to automate and personalize email content effortlessly:

  • ✓ Weekly newsletters
  • ✓ Campaigns promoting specific offers
  • ✓ Tailored emails based on individual behavior


The adoption of Allyy.io has yielded remarkable results for Aller Leisure:

✓ A staggering 120% increase in click-through rates for the top recommended offer in emails, surpassing the average rate.

✓ Over 58% of sales originate from the top 10% predictions, a testament to the effectiveness of offer recommendations, buying propensity insights, and timing optimization.

✓ Automation-driven individual predictions replace cumbersome segmentation rules in the marketing automation tool, streamlining operations and enhancing customer engagement.

✓ Aller Leisure leverages predictive dashboards across departments to strategize and optimize campaign activities based on anticipated success metrics.

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